About Us

About Us

Gideon Fisher & Co. is a premium, full-service law firm based in Tel Aviv. Founded over twenty five years ago by Adv. Gideon Fisher, the firm has steadily developed into one of the leading law firms in Israel today. The firm offers a full spectrum of services in all areas of commercial law and litigation, sensitive to the client’s objectives and legal environment – local or international – in which it operates. The firm also offers strategic guidance and representation in administrative matters, representing municipalities, agencies, individuals and corporations in audits and other proceedings before government. 

The firm attracts talented, impressive and credentialed attorneys who are vigorously dedicated to achieving the optimal results for their clients, as well as providing them with the best possible level of service and professionalism. The firm’s creativity and out-of-box approach has allowed it to thrive even in extraordinarily challenging cases and has made it an industry leader in crisis resolution. The firm's client-oriented approach takes into account not only the legal aspects of the matters managed, but the also the financial ramifications and public relations implications as well. This comprehensive approach allows the firm to formulate strategies that truly accord with its clients’ needs.

The firm customizes each client's services with a dedicated team of professionals, drawing ontheir various respective areas of expertise in order to to address a wide range of legal matters.  The team maintains an open and ongoing line of communication with the client, ensuring maximum availability and service.

Respected by its clients and feared by adversaries, Gideon Fisher & Co. has developed a reputation as a go-to resource for matters large and small. The firm is renowned for its constant strive for excellence – in the boardroom as well as the courtroom. The firm's clients include leading players in Israel’s economy and society such as the JNF, the Airports Authority, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co. Ltd. (EAPC), local authorities, municipalities, governmental entities, senior ministers, media personalities, and well-known business figures. 

The firm is also dedicated to creating a more just society and its attorneys and support staff contributes valuable time, skill, expertise and resources to improving the lives of the weakest sectors of Israel as well as other important causes.  In line with this commitment, the heads of the firm play an active and central role in various not-for-profit organizations. The firm’s pro-bono program facilitates the representation of holocaust survivors, NGOs, NPOs and numerous other clients in need.