Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Gideon Fisher & Co. has a large Local Authorities department handling municipal matters, providing ongoing legal advice to municipalities, local councils and regional councils as well as legal assistance to municipal corporations, public figures and mayors of major Israeli cities, and various public entities.

The expertise of the Local Authorities department is manifested in regularly advising local authorities on various aspects of their activities, including managing matters related to administrative law, planning and construction, municipal and administrative litigation, as well as preparing bylaws for municipal authorities and corporations. In addition, our firm specializes in public tender law and regularly supports local authorities and municipal corporations in related matters.

The Local Authorities department also specializes in representing municipal companies, municipal NPOs and development funds. It actively advises water corporations on establishment and operation matters, including with respect to drafting the founding documents, property surveys, business plans, licensing applications, as well as routinely working with the Commissioner of Water and Sewerage Corporation, establishing corporations’ boards of directors, etc. In addition, the firm regularly advises municipal and regional water and sewerage corporations.

The Local Authorities department also has expertise in the field of local authority collective labor laws. The department advises local authorities and municipal corporations in this area in the context of recovery plans as well as in working with the Ministry of Finance Commissioner of Wages.

In municipal matters, Dr. Eliyahu Winograd, retired Supreme Court judge and former president of the Tel Aviv District Court, serves as a consultant. Dr. Winograd has unique expertise on local authorities, as is evidenced in his book “Local Authority Law,” which is considered an unimpeachable source on this topic.

The department's services include:

  • Administrative litigation
  • Public tender law
  • Drafting bylaws
  • Supporting legislation proceedings
  • Drafting articles of association / regulations
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Planning and construction law
  • Municipal corporations (economic companies)

Representative clients:

  • The Federation of Local Authorities
  • Municipalities including:
    • Tel Aviv
    • Ramat Gan
    • Ashkelon
    • Eilat
    • Givatayim
    • Ariel
    • Kiryat Ono
    • Sederot
    • Rishon Leziyon
    •  Kfar Shemaryahu
    • Harish
    • Rahat
    • Lehavim
    • Ramat Hasharon
    • Mitzpe Ramon
    • Sdot Dan Regional Council,