The law firm of Gideon Fisher & Co. has vast experience representing clients at all levels of the Israeli justice system, from local municipal courts through to the Israeli Supreme Court. 

The firm's litigation team includes attorneys who possess the requisite combination of talent, determination and experience needed to succeed in today’s environment. The firm’s clientele enjoy the peace of mind in knowing their advocates are highly attuned to their cause, passionately dedicated to the effective resolution of their case and ultimately committed to achieving the best possible results.

At the outset of the matter, clients can benefit from receiving expert analysis from Dr. Eliyahu Winograd, the retired Supreme Court Justice and one of Israel’s most illustrious and respected jurists. By bringing the facts and the relevant laws in the case under his critical lens, the firm's attorneys gain an understanding of how the court will likely consider and posit the issues, thereby better positioning them in formulating a successful case strategy.  This unique service provides the client with a competitive advantage.

The seasoned approach of the firm's team, balanced with a willingness to take bold action and calculated risks when appropriate, sets Gideon Fisher & Co. apart and has made it a leader in its field.

The firm represents a variety of corporate and individual plaintiffs and defendants litigating complex commercial disputes, administrative petitions, intellectual property claims, shareholder actions, and numerous other important matters. The firm regularly appears before the Supreme Court of Israel, and has developed immense expertise appearing before arbitral tribunals both in Israel and around the world.

White Collar – The firm's attorneys have successfully advised and represented senior figures in Israel’s political establishment and corporate sphere which have been charged with serious white-collar crimes. Keenly aware of the stakes involved, the firm's white-collar defense team has the necessary skill and experience to closely navigate the client through all phases of the case – from preliminary investigations through trial, if necessary. The nature of these cases necessitates particularly close and personal guidance from the firm’s senior staff, including Adv. Gideon Fisher. The firm’s credibility with both courts and prosecutors across Israel has contributed to its track record of achieving impressive verdicts, settlements and judgments in favor of its clients.

Torts - In addition, the firm's attorneys are highly experienced in management of a wide range of torts claims, including various claims regarding vehicular accidents and medical malpractice. Equipped with years of experience in these fields, the firm's attorneys successfully manage all torts cases, large and small, for the benefit of their clients. The firm's expertise in this field is best expressed by its range of clients in this respect – large international corporations, alongside high-profile individuals, seeking restitution for various incidents. In addition to its expertise in this field in local litigation, the firm's attorneys are uniquely experienced in management of international proceedings regarding damages, involving factors from several different countries, before various court and arbitration instances.

The firm’s litigation team, also often serves as a professional and collaborative resource for colleagues at other firms across Israel seeking to enhance the services offered to their respective clients.

Our services include:

  • Professional advisory opinions
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Employment disputes
  • Defamation
  • Public tender petitions
  • Corporate matters
  • Injunctions
  • Litigation representation in all legal venues
  • Class action litigation

Representative clients/matters:

  • The Dead Sea Hotels Association (litigated in Israeli Supreme Court)
  • Asaf Harofeh Hospital (litigated in Israeli Supreme Court)
  • Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (defamation lawsuit)
  • Multi-plaintiff representation of dozens of kibbutzim (District Court, Financial Department) in the Tnuva transaction