Adv. Refael Yulzari

Adv. Refael Yulzari

Adv. Rafael Yulezri is a partner at our firm and manages the litigation department.

Adv. Yulezri has extensive experience in representation in court concerning a broad spectrum of civil and commercial fields, including but not limited to companies law, contracts, real estate, labor law, insurance law, defamation claims and complex financial disputes. Adv. Yulezri represents many companies and individuals in the various legal venues and has set significant precedents.


  • Graduate magna cum laude LL.B. Law, Academic Track, The College of Management Academic Studies

 Admitted to Bar Association‎

  • Israel, 2003

Public and Volunteer Activity

  • Member of the Audit Committee, Maccabi Kaviliu Jaffa Amutah
  • Pro bono legal advisor, Maccabi Kaviliu Jaffa Amutah