Adv. Naama Zer Kavod

Adv. Naama Zer Kavod

Adv. Zer-Kavod is a managing partner, responsible for all clients and the firm’s staff.

Adv. Zer-Kavod has been with the firm since 2000. She provides regular legal-business advice to government corporations and individuals alike. Due to her extensive work in the fields of litigation and commercial law, Adv. Zer-Kavod provides the firm’s clients with ongoing support as well as an immediate and professional response to resolving crises. In addition thereto, Adv. Zer-Kavod has a wealth of know-how in working vis-a-vis the Israel Land Authority (ILA), advising government companies and public entities, and she has unique experience in representing entities vis-a-vis the State Comptroller.


  • LL.B.  Law, Bar-Ilan University
  • Economics and Business Management Studies, Bar-Ilan University
  • Graduate of Planning and Construction Laws continuing education programs, Bar-Ilan University

Admitted to Bar Association

  • Israel, 1997

Public and Volunteer Activity

  • Coordinator of legal studies in Benyamina, ‘Shiur Aher’ Amutah